Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the screen or web browser one is viewing with. In addition it's important to understand that Responsive Web Design tasks include offering the same support to a variety of devices for a single website. As mentioned by the Nielsen Norman Group: content, design and performance are necessary across all devices to ensure usability and satisfaction.

Design Control

Website Personalization
We can automate your website's content to change based on your customers use of your website, when they visit your website, proximity to your businesses location, and much more.
Mighty Portals Editor
Your website on Mighty Portals will use an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to use and that will save you time and money on costly development. 
Mighty Portals has a moderate library of templates to choose from that are completely customizable should you choose to upgrade your services.
Color Palettes
Mighty Portals Editor has many color palettes, plus we can pull the palette from an existing website and alter it right in the editor!
HTML5 and CSS3
For customers that would like to access their website's code, Mighty Portals gives you complete access for your complete customization. 
Font Styles
Mighty Portals offers more than 50 fonts for personalization across your web-pages. 
Dynamic Website
With the Mighty Portals Editor, your website can be customized on a per device basis and are dynamic across platforms. 
Website Editing
The Mighty Portals Editor gives your website a variety of elements to speed up design and development time. With pre-built rows and widgets for quick choices and even quicker placement.
Flexible Navigation
Easily navigate styles to find the one that is right for your desktop, tablet, or mobile website when you want to make changes.
UI Design
Mighty Portals flat user interface encourages customer conversion. This interface design style is becoming more and more popular.
Your personal favicon can be shown on a browser tab. Just upload and see your favorite favicon updated to your site. 
Copy and Paste
All elements of the Mighty Portals Editor can be copy and pasted within the pages of your website. Unfortunately this does not allow you to copy and paste to another website you own through Mighty Portals.
Mighty Portals Editor allows you to change the background of your entire website, or just a column, or row. 
Page Duplication
Make entire copies of a page to use its design in other areas of a website.


Fully Responsive
Displays your blog perfectly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
Accessible Site-Wide
Add a blog element anywhere on your website, so visitors can find it easily.
Entirely Customizable
Automatically matches the style of your website, and can be entirely customized to your liking.
Syndicated Content
ATOM and RSS feeds are automatically generated and updated for every new post on your website.
Improves SEO
Content is king. Use your blog to inform visitors and keep your website fresh with great content.
Multiple Authors
Increase your blog’s scope by enabling multiple authors to contribute directly to your blog.

Image Management

Automatic Optimization
Images uploaded to Mighty Portals are automatically resized and compressed so they load perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile.
Image Library
Pull from a library of free stock images, or import them from any URL, to easily make your website picture-perfect.
Image Widgets
Select from a range of different image gallery layouts and image sliders for showing off your uploaded photos, or import a Facebook business page’s photo album directly onto a website.


Expand your Reach
Reach more customers worldwide - and a more diverse local audience - when your responsive website is available in multiple languages.
Quickly create multi-language responsive websites based on easy-to-edit automatic translations by Google Translate.
Boost your website SEO ranking with language-specific URLs designed for geo-targeting.
55+ Languages
Choose from dozens of international languages.
Fully Customizable
Easily edit every page in every language, so nothing gets lost in translation.
Under the Hood Access
As with every Mighty Portals website, you can access the code on every page if you like, to make adjustments per languages.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Mobile-Friendly Design
Mighty Portal optimizes images and text to comply with Google’s standards for mobile-friendliness.
Automatically included, robots.txt informs search engines which pages should and should not be indexed by search engines.
Site Map
Might Portals automatically generates a site map for each site. This informs search engines what pages they should crawl.
Vary: user-agent
Vary: user-agent informs search engines that users will receive different content depending on their device type.
Page Titles
Control the title of each page for ultimate search engine visibility.
Meta Keywords and Descriptions
Control the keywords and descriptions for every page on a site.
Customizable Page URLs
Customize the URL for each page of your site. This improves search engine visibility and informs the user what page they are on.
Alt and Description Tag on Images
Improves the ability for search engines to discover images found on your website through search.
301 Redirects
Redirect one URL to another. Extremely helpful in maintaining strong SEO when switching from an existing site to Mighty Portals.

Site Widgets

Customer Conversion Widgets

Enables customers to call a business in one click from a mobile device.
Integrated with Google Maps, provides step-by-step directions to a brick-and-mortar location.
For businesses across a region, provide a map for site visitors detailing each store location.
Online Scheduling
Available through vCita, enables customers to schedule appointments on desktop, tablet and mobile.
Put coupons into the hands of customers by dragging and dropping them onto a site. Control the amount of the discount, duration of coupon, etc.
Restaurant Menu
The content from a menu of an existing restaurant website will be automatically imported when using this widget and laid out in a beautiful new format.
Business Hours
A crucial part of any website, this widget can be filled out manually or automatically imported from a website.
Contact Form
Drag and drop a Contact Form into a site to give customers an alternative way of reaching out.
Custom HTML
Add your own HTML/CSS/JavaScript to the page directly. Great for third-party integrations or adding custom code.
Provide visitors with the ability to directly email the small business that owns the website.
Create a list of anything from products to staff members using this widget.
Yelp Reviews
Displays your best reviews directly on a site to build a business’ credibility with potential customers.
OpenTable Reservation
OpenTable users can reserve a table in just a few clicks via the the Reserve a Table widget.
Make it simple for customers to make a payment by adding an easy-to-use PayPal widget.

Visitor Engagement Widgets

Push Notifications
Stay in touch with your site visitors even when they’re not on your site with Chrome Push Notifications.

Image Slider
Give visitors a swipeable image slider to view multiple images without taking up too much space on the site.

Photo Gallery
Include a photo gallery on any page. Provides a shadow box effect to focus the viewer on the image.

File Upload
Upload PDFs, spreadsheets and more.

Social Icons
Links to your social media pages are neatly arranged and can be dropped anywhere on a website.

YouTube Video
Embed any YouTube video by dragging this widget into place.

Twitter Feed
Keep visitors up to date by displaying a live Twitter feed.

Facebook Comments
Allows visitors to comment on a linked Facebook page without leaving the site.

Facebook Album
Add a photo gallery of images from your Facebook business page.

Facebook Like
Enables visitors to like a business’ Facebook page without leaving the site.

Visitors can share the site on their social media networks simply by clicking on this icon.

WordPress Feed 
Incorporate blog posts from WordPress directly on your site.

Disqus Comments
Engage with your audience. Easily allow site visitors to comment and give feedback on blog posts.

Use the Mighty Portals responsive website builder to create an engaging blog that looks fantastic on desktop, tablet and mobile.

SSL & Website Architecture

Reliable Hosting
Mighty Portals offers hosting on the industry-leading Amazon Cloud.

SSL certificates are included with every Duda responsive website and can be installed in just one click.

Site backups
Create site backups to store the site’s current version. You can then revert back to this version at any time.

Site backups
Create site backups to store the site’s current version. You can then revert back to this version at any time.

Global CDN
Mighty Portals hosts static files (images, pdfs, docs, etc..) on a Global Content Delivery Network. This reduces load times for any visitor.

Site Duplication
If you’ve created a site you like, and want to base a new one off its design, you can duplicate the site and then edit it as needed.

Custom Domain
Full control to customize a site’s domain name.

RESS (Dynamic Serving)
Mighty Portals websites respond to the type of device a visitor is viewing the site on. Content is then optimized accordingly for desktop, tablet or mobile.

Fully Responsive Framework
Mighty Portals is based on the ZURB Foundation framework.

Mighty Portals automatically tracks all stats associated with a site. Accessed via the Mighty Portals dashboard, this includes: total site traffic, user engagement and events, traffic source and physical location of site visitors. Google Analytics accounts can also be integrated with the Mighty Portals platform.


Fully Responsive
Mighty Portal’s eCommerce solution displays beautifully and works seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile.

Integrated Design
The online storefront automatically incorporates the same color palette and font styles as the rest of the website.

Product Pages
Each product page and description is fully customizable.

All eCommerce-related emails sent from the Mighty Portals platform have fully customizable text.

Payment Options
Mighty Portal’s eCommerce tools are integrated with 30+ secure, trusted payment providers like PayPal, Stripe, and more.

Maximum/Minimum Purchase
Set the maximum or minimum a customer must purchase to check out (e.g. a customer must spend at least $5 to complete the transaction).

Tax Options
The platform allows complete control over tax settings by state and country.

Generate coupon codes for a particular product, or overall order, for customers to use at checkout.

Product Categories
Split your products into categories (e.g. shirts, pants, neckties, shoes, dresses, etc.) to make it easier for potential customers to browse your store.

Offer digital content for purchase and download (e.g. video and audio files, images, documents, etc.).

Low Stock Notifications
Receive an email update when your store is running low on a particular item.

Stock Count
Display the amount of stock left to customers to create a sense of urgency and encourage them to buy.

Display Discounts
Show discounted price against the list price to encourage customer conversion.

Shipping Providers
Ship domestically or internationally, with FedEx, UPS, USPS and more.

Shipping Options
Full control over what shipping options are available to customers. (e.g. overnight shipping, standard, etc.).

Shipping Rates
Set flat shipping rates or have them calculated on the fly by weight of product.

Customer Tracking Codes
Place tracking codes on “Thank You for Purchasing” pages to report sales into an analytics platform and track the effectiveness of affiliate and pay-per-click campaigns.

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